People in the foundation

A team you can rely on:
get to know the staff at the foundation

Miroslav Výboh

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Miroslav Výboh does not hide his passion for art and sports. From his position of the Honorary Consul of the Principality of Monaco, he brought to Slovakia the No Finish Line charity run; this year will be the third year of the run. Miroslav Výboh is, among other things, a supporter of artists whose works bring him joy and inspiration.

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Michal Kviečinský

Supervisory Board member

Michal Kviečinský believes that everyone needs support or help at some point, so he and his wife are actively involved in various charitable activities. They raise their two daughters in the same values. Together with their daughters, they help families in need, support young sportsmen and artists.

Matúš Výboh

Supervisory Board member

Matúš Výboh is a supporter of help that is targeted and precisely intended for the recipients. He is a big fan of sports, he is actively involved in supporting young sportsmen.


Daniela Vunhu

Administrator of the Foundation

Daniela Vunhu deals with issues of socially disadvantaged children and family support. She sees working in the foundation as an opportunity to help vulnerable and long-neglected groups in society.

Hana Ruttkayová

Marketing Manager

Hana Ruttkayová supports art, especially classical music and visual works by young authors. In the foundation, she is in charge of marketing activities for key projects.