No Finish Line

A charity run to support international children's rights
and their protection against today's threats.

The birth of the NO FINISH LINE charity run was organized, in 1999, by the Monaco Chamber of Commerce whose aim was to support the idea of declaring 20 November the Universal International Children's Rights Day.

The principle is simple and accessible to everyone: it's about running or walking for five days. Each kilometer run or walked represents € 1.

The originality of the concept lies in the fact that this charitable event is really open to everyone and at any age, offering great freedom for participation of individuals as well as teams.

The basic idea of the run is to support projects to help children who find themselves in a difficult situation due to health problems, war conflicts, diseases, lack of drinking water, hygiene, famine, and other hardships and disasters.

The first Slovak year was attended by more than 2,500 runners and we managed to achieve € 36,059 by running. The aim was to contribute to the Therapeutic Playground of the National Institute of Pediatric Diseases in Bratislava.

Due to the current situation, last year's festival was moved to the online space due. No Finish Line 2020 was attended by 1,375 runners who together ran or walked 26,007 km. Together they achieved € 26,007 by running, the sum having been divided between three entities. The OZ Nádej detí [Children's Hope Common-interest Association], which takes care of the Center for Families and Children in Bernolákovo, received € 7,001 thanks to its supporters. The OZ Pons [Pons Common-interest Association], which will use the funds to organize a daily summer integration camp, received € 7,697. Runners ran as much as 11,299 kilometers for the #inseparables project, which is covered by the Slovak Paralympic Committee. Its aim is to search for and promote young sports talents among children with disabilities, thereby helping break down the barriers they face in life.

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Miroslav Výboh, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation
As early as when I first saw the No Finish Line in Monaco and Oslo, I had the idea in my head to bring this charity run to Slovakia.

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